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Different Types of Necklines

when it comes to finding the right wedding dress, you will have to try on a lot of gowns to see which styles suits you. To help you out, we've made a little guide on different styles of bridal dresses to help you on your...

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Different Types of Skirts

Shopping around for your wedding dress can be fun, but it can also be a long-winded process to find that one gown. So, to help you out we've made a glossary on different skirt shapes, we've covered fabrics and sleeves in the previous blogs for...

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Different Types of Sleeves and Straps

Do you go for full sleeves or spaghetti straps for your wedding gown? Or are you unsure? We've made a glossary of different sleeves and straps to help you find the perfect style for your bridal dress. Sleeves can help create an elegant look for a...

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