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Different Types of Wedding Dress Fabrics

Different Types of Wedding Dress Fabrics

Shopping for your wedding dress is exciting, but at the same time, choosing between all sorts of different dresses can be overwhelming. So we’ve made a simple glossary as a guide to help you find the perfect dress, starting with the fabrics.

Wedding dress fabrics can vary a lot in appearance and structure, whether it’s dainty vintage lace or plain, yet elegant satin. Some dresses can be figure hugging whilst some can be fabulously floaty, so it’s worth going through all different kinds to see which ones make you look ‘wow!’ So here are some of the different types of fabrics to choose from:


A classic bridal choice, Lace fabric can give a dress a feminine, vintage look, especially when it’s in a floral pattern. The material can work on both ballgown and fitted shapes, plus the stretchy quality of most laces are also ideal for long sleeves.

Dress to check out: Kaitlyn

Cotton Lace

A.K.A. Crochet lace, it has gained popularity in recent years as it is a modern twist on the classic lace fabric, yet holds that similar vintage feel to it. Cotton lace’s matte quality adds texture to a plain, simple dress without the sheen of traditional lace.

Dress to check out: Leora


Crepe is a type of fabric that is woven to create a mild, grainy texture. Its matte appearance is perfect for a bride that wants a minimalist look; and when the dress is cut on a bias, the material can hug around the body to embrace curves.

Dress to check out: Kingston


Tulle is a type of net that’s lightweight and soft to the touch. Dressmakers would use layers and layers of the material to make a cloud-like full skirt. Tulle is also used in a skin colour as a base to add lace motifs or embellishments on top to create the ‘illusion’ look.

Dress to check out: Kitara


Mikado is a name for a heavy satin that has a crisp texture and has got a sheen to it. The fabric is a favourite for brides not only for its elegant minimalist look, but because the Mikado dresses have the ability to sculpt the body to make a strong silhouette.

Dress to check out: Phoenix


Organza is a see-through, woven fabric that is lightweight and has a sheen on it. It’s a fabric that can hold its shape to make exciting, voluminous shapes on a garment. The fabric looks stunning as layers on full ballgown dresses or feathered mermaid skirts.

Dress to check out: organza overskirt on Janessa


A sister fabric to organza, chiffon is also sheer and light, but chiffon is slinky and matte and it’s often pleated and gathered to create the Grecian Goddess style. It’s also great if you want a straight fitting dress that can cover lumps and bumps.

Dress to check out: Kelsey Rose


Want your dress to dazzle? Why not go for an embellished number. You can use sequins, beads and bling to liven up laces or make a tulle fabric sparkle. It can also be used on small fractions on the gown like the waist or the neckline for that bit of twinkle on a no-fuss dress.

Dress to check out: Margot