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Different Types of Skirts

Different Types of Skirts

Shopping around for your wedding dress can be fun, but it can also be a long-winded process to find that one gown. So, to help you out we’ve made a glossary on different skirt shapes, we’ve covered fabrics and sleeves in the previous blogs for you to read. Skirts can come in various styles to suit all frames and sizes; and certain forms can embrace or even enhance your figure. Here are a list of skirt styles to choose from:

Circle Skirt– The fabric is cut in a circle with a hole in the middle to fit the waist, so the skirt broadens out to make a full silhouette. This style is a popular choice in bridalwear for its similarity to ballgowns, also the wideness of the skirt creates an illusion of a tiny waist. This design often comes with a built in petticoat for added volume and drama, but the petticoat could also be removed so the skirt can have a ‘swishy’ feel to it.

A-Line– This skirt type fits the waist, skims the hips and flares out at the hemline to create an A shape. It can be worn with a petticoat to for a definite triangular shape. This A-line skirt is ideal if you’re looking for a subtle take of the circle skirt but still crave its fullness.

Fit and Flare– Also known as the trumpet skirt, this style hugs the waist and hips and it flares out just below the bottom. If you’re looking for a fitted dress but also want a bold silhouette then this skirt is perfect for you.

Fishtail– Similar to the fit and flare look, the fishtail follows the contours of the body and widens above the knee like a mermaid’s tail. Both fit and flare and fishtail skirts enhances the hips to create a curvy frame. A specially made petticoat can be worn underneath for a strong outline (and also lessen the cost of shortening a hem!)

Sheath– A simple yet shapely form, this skirt follows the outline of your waist, hips and the thighs with a little added room for the lower legs for movement. The design is often cut on the bias of the fabric to give it some stretch to show off your physique. A sheath dress goes well with petite brides as it creates a mirage of a taller figure.

Gathered Skirt– Fancy a minimal take on the ballgown look? This skirt is designed to hang from your waist and skim over your hips and legs. This skirt creates a streamlined look for the bride while the folds of the fabric smoothens the profile. Since there is no additional layers to the skirt, this style is a light and floaty option if a bride wants a relaxed look.