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What Jewellery To Wear With What Accessories

What Jewellery To Wear With What Accessories

“Does this necklace go with this dress?” “Is the bracelet and ring too much?” We’ve all asked questions like these when picking accessories for an outfit, which always leaves us panicking at the last minute when we head out (when we were able to go out of course!) And as for brides to be, it’s an added conundrum to pick the right pieces to wear for the ideal bridal look. So for the next time you dress up, we’ve made this little guide to help you out, whether you’re getting married, going to a special event or if you just want to simply dress up! We take a look at different necklines and pair them up with complimenting jewellery which will make you look classy without looking over-accessorised.


High Necks

Bardot Necklines

V Necks

Sheer Necklines

Spaghetti Straps

Embellished Necklines