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Wedding Dress Inspiration- Rifat Ozbek

Wedding Dress Inspiration- Rifat Ozbek

Rifat Ozbek is a Turkish born fashion designer that was raised in London with a love for clothing from various cultures around the globe. Ozbek took that passion as a great influence in his work for high street brand Monsoon as well as a designer in his own right.

For his Spring/Summer 1990 collection, Ozbek introduced the fashion industry with streamlined, fuss free style, displaying all-white, sheath garments. The model above wears a sleeveless dress that skims the waist and hips with slits on the skirt to add a subtle flare. The maxi dress is teamed up with a bundle of long, silver necklaces to add some shine to the achromatic robe.

The zen influenced designs were contrary to the excessive, bold shapes of the 1980s and it was a refreshing move at a time of global tensions and economic downturn. Many designers have followed suit with the minimalist approach including Zoran, Jil Sander and bridalwear newbie Vera Wang. The clean, subtle look became prominent in formal wear as well as street style in the 1990s and it even became acceptable to wear white in winter.

Even thirty years later, people are still drawn to the less is more aesthetic inspired by Ozbek. Even brides today enjoy gowns with simple, clean lines that still celebrates femininity. To achieve this understated look, try looking for bias-cut, crepe dresses like this Kingston number; it is a sleek fit and it’s backless to break up the whiteness. Speaking of white, this snowy shade can look stark on a bride, so why not try subdued shades like light ivory for true laidback style.