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Real Bride – Ceris Christmas Day!

Real Bride – Ceris Christmas Day!

This is the gorgeous wedding of Ceris and Tomos, these two tied the knot on Christmas Day 2018. It was a very intimate ceremony with close family and friends tied in with the traditions of Christmas day… with one big party in the evening.

Ceris wanted a tulle skirt, so with our help this beautiful soft coffee coloured tulle skirt was created all in house at our bridal boutique. The jumper was custom made in Corgi, Wales. And to add the finishing touches we supplied the full bling detachable belt and hand beaded some exquisite diamonds around the neckline. This look just couldn’t get much better…..

Ceris wrote us a Thank you card which said:


Huw a’r team,

Diolch o galon am yr holl waith caled a’r ymdrech wnaethoch roi at wneud fy ngwisg.  Fi mor ddiolchgar chi wedi creu’r wisg PERFFAITH i mi.  Fi ffilli aros i’w wisgo ac i fod yn ‘Huw Rees Bride’.  Allen i ddim fod wedi gofyn am well.  Ni fel teulu yn mynd i weld ishe’r trips lan atoch am fittings.

Diolch xxx