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Rain? What Rain?

Rain? What Rain?

What a wet weekend to get married,,, But rain can’t stop play ,so how do you cope on a wet rainy wedding day?? Aside from being a sign of good luck, rain on your Big Day is an opportunity to have pictures and a party like no one else’s.

The first thing to remember is that its your wedding day come rain or shine… so smile and carry on enjoying your day,,, Talk to you’r wedding photographer to see what options you have to style your photos to make the most out of the wet weather….

Invest in some fun umbrellas..    …. Make sure you have some suitable footwear..   a grey carpet runner is a great investment.. left in the boot of the car.. used to stand on for your photographs.

Call on the glam squad. Obviously, waterproof mascara is a must for any bride. But a little rain may call for some last-minute beauty changes.

‘Don’t forget everyone keeping out of the rain in the venue can make for a great atmosphere.. Have some fun and laugh at the weather..