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Minimalist Bridal Dresses That Won’t Look Boring On You

Minimalist Bridal Dresses That Won’t Look Boring On You

Less is more is what they usually say, which explains why plain wedding dresses are a popular choice for brides. More and more couples have chosen to have a simple celebration without extra frills and excess, so a fuss-free dress would be ideal for the occasion. Plus, the lack of elaborate details mean that there are nothing on the garments that would distract from the bride’s profile, making them complimentary for the wearer.

As much as people love the modest look, many brides to be can feel that these garments would look too plain on them. Perhaps they want that extra *something* on it, or maybe they might feel a bit self-conscious in a completely white look.

Plain dresses doesn’t have to be this intimidating, nor do they have to be too, well, plain! At Huw Rees Brides there’s a dress for every shape and every taste, some are fitted to the body whilst some are A-line, some have a bit of lace or beadwork whilst some are completely unembellished. So here are a diverse selection of minimal dresses that you can pull off and make people go ‘wow!’

Explore a range of textures and fabrics

Let luxurious fabric do the talking, This Louise Bentley glossy silk number (left) exudes a glamorous Hollywood Starlet vibe. Here’s anther way to shine, This crisp mikado dress (middle) has a slight sheen to it which gives you a regal feel.

If you’re looking for something more romantic without frills, then why not try a lightweight, flowy chiffon piece (right). This versatile dress is opulent without a single trim.

Pleats, please!

Show off your bod with these classy pleated gowns, which are cut to flatter your body shape (and hide the bumps you don’t want to see.) These pleats gives these dresses a striking detail ideal for making an impact.

Play with shapes

Simple dresses doesn’t have to be shapeless from top to toe. Your wedding dress shopping is a perfect opportunity to try a variety of shapes including the impressively fitted, the flattering fishtail, the classic ballgown and so much more. These superb shapes in a minimal fabric is a true stand-out look.

Give it a little glimmer

A bit of sparkle won’t do any harm. a small hint of glistening beadwork works well along the neckline, the waistband or even the sleeve cuffs. If bling isn’t your thing you could always opt for lace motifs or pearl beads. These embellishments mean you may need to wear less jewellery so you won’t go over the top.

Accessorise it

If you want to add that extra something, why not consider adding an accessory to enhance your bridal look. Try hair pieces, jackets, belts, trimmed veils or even a lavish bow in a matching fabric can make a statement.

Got your back(less)

The drama doesn’t have to be in the front. The striking backless dresses go hand in hand with plain fabrics as it cuts the whiteness of the dress. We also have a good deal of gowns with intricate details as an alternative to showing a completely bare back.

Simple dress, lavish train

A splendid way to walk down the aisle. A train looks superb on a bridal dress whether it’s lace or plain. Long length veils with a complimenting trim could also be worn to up your train game

Or just go full-on plain

Even the palest dresses can make such an impact. Keep the jewellery and accessories at their simplest (like a simple pendant necklace or small studs) to make you look astonishing.