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Junior Competition- Winners Announced!!

Junior Competition- Winners Announced!!

The winners of the wedding dress design competition has been announced, we’ve received a lot of entries from very talented illustrators and we’ve enjoyed seeing all of your fabulous designs, so thank you all for taking part. Since we’ve had a lot of entries, we had to separate them into two categories, which are 10 and under and over 10’s. The first prize winners of both categories will receive a beautiful crystal hairslide each and all first, second and third prize winners will be invited for a VIP visit to the shop after the lockdown.

So, without further ado, here are the competition winners (drumrolls please!)

1st Over 10’s: Sara Cothi Williams age 13

2nd Over 10’s: Natalia Hamlin age 16

3rd Over 10’s: Menna Fflur Evans age 12

1st 10 And Under: Gwenni Meg Mannion age 6

2nd 10 And Under: Bronwen Jenkins age 6

3rd 10 And Under: Liwsi age 8