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Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Getting the perfect wedding dress may be on top of the wedding to-do list, but there’s one thing that can easily be overlooked, which are wedding shoes to go with the gown. Finding the right pair can take some time to find, especially if you’re looking for something that aren’t going to leave you having to deal with sore feet during your big day. So here are some of our do’s and don’ts of finding the flawless pair of shoes for you.

Do consider the venue

An obvious tip. Consider not only where your ceremony will be, but also where the reception is going to be. High heels are fine if you’re going to be somewhere like a hotel etc. But if you’re going to a destination wedding like on a beach or castle, you may want to find suitable footwear, especially if you need to make your way there on foot.

Don’t feel like you need to splurge on shoes

It has become a trend to wear designer footwear to a wedding, If you do manage to find a perfect pair that fits you like a glove then that’s excellent. If you’re thinking of spending a lot for you shoes, do bear in mind that just because the shoes have come from a high end brand, it doesn’t mean they’re going to be kind to your feet. Alternatively you can find shoes that are comfortable for your feet without draining your wallet.

Do look for footwear brands that specialises in bridal shoes

While we’re talking about footwear brands, bridal shoe brands knows exactly what brides look for in the perfect shoe: a comfortable pair that will last the whole day without a single blister or ache. Rainbow is our top choice of bridal footwear brand because each of their shoes have padding on the insoles and have suede pieces fitted inside so the shoe wouldn’t slip off, plus you can even request to dye the shoes in a colour of your choice after the wedding.

Don’t tolerate shoes that hurt, even a little bit

When shopping around, you may find a pair that looks cute, has the design features you love and it’s the perfect colour; but when you put them on your feet might already ache and you might even be struggling to walk in them too. You may be tempted to get them anyway because they look sweet and just say that you can break into them. If that’s the case, we’d recommend putting them back on the shelf because if the shoes are uncomfortable in the first few minutes of wearing them, then they’ll definitely be taken off at the reception (no matter how often you’d be wearing them around the house, sorry!) This post has been going on about comfort a lot, but it is necessary to put comfort above all else

Do bring shoes to wedding dress fittings

Whether you’re trying on a few dresses or getting your gown fitted, you will be on your feet for a long time, maybe for as long as the ceremony, So if you’re deciding on which shoes to pick, bring a pair or more to an appointment to see how comfy are they on your feet. In fact, When you come to a fitting with us at Huw Rees Brides, we make it compulsory for a bride to bring their wedding shoes with them before we do any alterations to the hems to make sure the skirt length is flawless. Our fittings are an hour and a half long, so if you can stand in those shoes for that long then they can withstand the big day.

Don’t overlook plain shoes, even if you’re looking for something embellished

You might be looking for shoes with a touch of sparkle or maybe a lace motif to match your dress, which will look fabulous and it’ll tie everything together. But it is often difficult to find something that perfectly resembles your gown. Why not get plain shoes with the right colour for your dress, so you can get them customised? At Huw Rees Brides we order in beads, sequins, gems and lace motifs you want and we can hand-stitch them on your shoes however you want; so you’ll have a pair that is completely unique to you.

Do choose one than one pair to wear on the day, if you want

If you want to wear classy high heels for walking down the aisle but want to wear comfy canvas shoes for your epic first dance, then why not get both? If you’re planning on a shoe change on the day, then bring both shoes to the wedding dress fitting. That way we can make sure that the hem length is perfect when worn with both of the shoes to avoid tripping on the skirt.

Don’t leave the shoe shopping until the last minute!

The shoes may be lower down the list of what you need for the wedding in comparison to the dress, but it is necessary to get the shoes right to make sure that you look top to toe exquisite for the ceremony. Not only that getting shoes is required for fittings, but planning the day is stressful enough as it is without the rush of shopping for footwear. So browse early so you’ll get the shoes as flawless as you!